About Server

RF Land is a product of passion, dedication, and unwavering love for the game. Countless hours of intense work have been spent on this server to ensure that we provide only the best. Thanks to our extensive experience in the game and online spheres of Rising Force, we proudly present a high-quality gaming server that exceeds your expectations.

We highly value the feedback and suggestions of our players as we aim to maintain the server's excellence. We humbly ask for your opinions on the server - what you like, what you think can be improved, and about any problems you may have encountered please contact us. Rest assured, we will promptly resolve any issues to provide you with the best gaming opportunities.

If you admire the efforts we have put into creating this server, and you want to contribute to its development, we would be incredibly grateful for your support. You can help us by inviting your friends to join you in the game on RF Land or by sharing the server link on various social networks, online groups, and RF online related pages. Your help is truly appreciated! We thank you in advance for participating in our exciting journey.

Server Description

General information about the project:

  • Client Version:
  • Server Protection: HGK РгоТесТ.
  • Maximum Level: 60.
  • Premium account gives the user autoloot, additional items for using autoloot (medal).
  • During ChipWar, there is no drop from Pit-Bosses.
  • Second and subsequent windows are only available with a premium account, a total of 5 windows are available per PC.
  • Cross-classes are available.
  • Voting system module installed: voting leaderboard is closed, players only receive the result.
  • An auction has been added for selling items for shop currency, including to other races.
  • Numerical display of cooldowns for abilities and items has been added.
  • Radius check module for skills is installed.
  • A pager has been added to the shop.
  • Inventor's cubes have been added to the drop in all HQ/outpost PBs.
  • A PB with a respawn in 2 hours "Toaster" has been added.
  • Drop from PB "Toaster":
    • Teleports and tractors, 5 pieces each.
    • 5 regular self-res.
    • 5 chocolates.

Rates and Leveling System on the Project

  • Experience x4, all items available in the game that stimulate leveling apply to the project rates.
  • Animus Experience x5, animus cannot exceed the owner's level.
  • PT/Skills: x5.
  • Magic: x5.
  • Drop from monsters: x2, the system of loot gathering from monsters has been changed.
  • Loot pick-up speed: x2

Gameplay and Its Changes:

  • Guild Tournament can only be assigned to level 4 guilds.
  • Support Enhancement now works on race enemies.
  • Race enemies cannot be assigned as Support now.
  • Race enemies can join guilds.
  • Removed EP consumption at Support Enhancement.
  • Patriarch Chat Ban can only be assigned three times in a calendar day.
  • Nuclear missile now has limited ownership time (12 hours after purchase).
  • Additional leveling spots have been added to the Exile Lands.
  • Cartel Laboratory: Entry to this location requires a pass (can be purchased from NPC Ticketeer), after death, respawn occurs at the Laboratory teleport.
  • All cloned monsters in the headquarters have been removed.
  • Changed the amount of experience for daily tasks on experience: "Location Information" (party) 3%, "Operation-Io (solo) 2%, RUR tasks 0.2% and 500 RUR (10 tasks available). Tasks have been redesigned and are available from level 48.
  • Sealed Pit-Bosses will not be available for several weeks from the start and will appear on a day different from the Big Respawn.
  • Installed a module allowing mining at the same speed at any ore extraction point.
  • ABU mining speed depends on the character's level: up to level 50, the maximum mining speed is x1. By level 60, it increases to x10 from the original.
  • ABU durability has been increased, and they can be transferred to other players.
  • Ore mining is available from level 40 (will be increased during the project's life), as is the ability to equip a manual drilling rig.
  • Changed the RUR system in the party: now every party member receives RUR for killing an enemy character.
  • PVP points can only be obtained from level 45.
  • All ammunition has been equalized to a single value.
  • Available generators: attack, defense, aggression, silence.
  • Removed the combination of talic + catalyst.
  • Hero's class can be reset up to 5 times.
  • Pieces of shavings drop from monsters in one box.
  • When opening any boxes, items are automatically sorted by item type.
  • Chip sizes have been reduced.
  • Debuffs for losing ChipWar are disabled.
  • PC doping can only be purchased from NPC Hero.
  • All classes have access to all slots in the interracial auction.
  • Antigrav cooldown reduced to 150 sec, SP consumption reduced to 70.
  • Camera zoom has been increased.
  • Created unpacking/packing combinations for T4, T5, and Tb from 1 to 99.
  • The character can be deleted only after reaching level 2.
  • Starting items cannot be transferred or dropped, they can only be sold.
  • Transition from GH to ZI requires a shard of stone (analogous to VK->GH)
  • All monsters for farming have been reworked.
  • As the project develops, unique tasks for obtaining resources, which are scarce on the project and are difficult for most players to obtain, will be introduced into the game. As well as the use in tasks of resources that players have in abundance.
  • Removed OS acquisition in initial tasks up to level 40 for fairer entry into the voting for the patriarch, and also to reduce instances of killing low-level players.