New updates

Dear players, here is a list of new introductions on the site:

  • Solo dungeon sells 3kk 45-49 gives you (2% experience)
  • 1а. Solo dungeon for 5kk 50-54 gives you (1% experience)
  • 1б. Party dungeon for 15kk 50-54 gives you (2% experience)
  • Dungeons can be purchased from the War Tech supplier.
  • PvP quests on Elan -  On to the Party now.
  • The price of pvp weapons has been reduced: lvl 55 - 200k and lvl 50 - 98k, gain cross - 240k.
  • In the Settle Desert drop farm ore +2 from guards now
  • Khanna amulets are now tradable
  • Added drop of boxes with runes in main city zones (Pit Boss)
  • Raised experience from mobs x3 times with Vulkanik, Mountains of monsters , Lands of Exile , Lab